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About Me

My Background

Based out of NYC, I have studied painting and design in Florence and Rome as well as The Yale School of Studio art in New Haven, CT.  I have also joined in creative expeditions to Aix-en-Provence and Giverny  in France, Vienna, The Black Forest in Germany and Budapest, Hungary. My art is primarily drawings and paintings of women as spiritual entities and beings of light, channeling wisdom and universal love. 

My Inspiration

My inspiration comes primarily from the Renaissance masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael as well as Russian or Greek icons from the Medieval  period. At this particular time in history with the future of humanity in question, the world is aching for a different approach towards life. This may be found in the embodied feminine instinctual knowledge and nurturing of the mother in both the wisdom of "Gaia", mother-earth and the divine feminine as the birther of life and regeneration of human existence.


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Pamela Goldman's art combines both classical and modern techniques, while discovering her own sense of self in the world. Her pieces are anchored in the many aspects of womanhood and femininity. With this in mind, her work embodies both mystery and whimsy, beautifully synthesizing traditional style with a refreshing, contemporary, feminine perspective.          Deirdre MaGuire      Certified Expression Therapist  

Pamela Goldman's art is a journey down a path of intriguing emotions, mystical colors and textures, immense depth and infinite detail (some obvious and not so obvious at times). Her beautiful women bring forth the experiences of courage, compassion, mystery, boldness and peacefulness....each piece unique both in it's emotions and delivery. I am always caught by surprise with her work... I never know what to expect but I am always extremely moved. Pamela's women are me.....who I have been, who I am & who I might dare to be.             Kym Dolcimoscolo        CEO Creative Visions Rising

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